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December 16, 2021

The Hot Topics for HR in 2022

5 HR Trends To Watch
(and how to get ahead of the game)

We bet your To Do list massive, right? And if you can’t work any harder, then you need to work smarter. Investing your time on the actions that are going to save your organisation time and money, and increase retention and engagement don’t just make good business sense, they show the strategic value of HR.

These are the top five topics we believe will show HR’s real influence across your organisation.

1. Internal promotions
LinkedIn’s 2021 Workplace Learning Report found that employees at high internal mobility companies stay for twice as long as their low mobility counterparts. Departmental politics, nervous line-managers and employees that don’t articulate their career aspirations can all work against you. Which is why identifying internal talent is much easier for HR when you have the right tools available such as psychometric profiling, independent assessment centres, and coaching-focused line managers.

2. Fairness and transparency
Nothing demotivates a team faster than a perceived lack of fairness, where toxic behaviours aren’t managed, and small molehills are allowed to turn into time-consuming mountains. Using independent mediators at an early stage is an intervention rather than a last-chance saloon that can restore balance. Independent HR investigations bring transparency and a conclusion to difficult situations. The ripple effect of how people talk about the way they are managed has the power to be both hugely positive or hugely negative, and we know which you’d prefer!

3. Connecting communications with business goals
How does what I do every make a difference? Can your employees genuinely answer this question? And do you really know if they’re receiving the information you’re sending out? If you can’t answer yes with certainty, an audit of your internal communication channels is the first step before you waste any more time and energy on comms that go nowhere.

4. Inclusion and equity programmes that start from the inside
It’s easy to book courses, or react retrospectively, however the effect won’t last if the culture of a company isn’t supportive and welcoming. Facilitated sessions that bring together employee groups to talk about their experiences and what they need more of, less of and knowledge about has far more resonance – there’s immediate ownership in the plans you bring to life.

5. Employee benefits that are actually beneficial
How and where your people work has likely changed quite a lot! To attract and retain people effectively, do you know what’s happening in the market? What are your competitors offering? Who are your competitors now that commuting time is less relevant? A benchmark review of your benefits, competitors and what your employees truly value will set you apart when it comes to your recruitment plans.

The Waddington Brown team can support you with any of these topics – talk to us about the problem you need to solve and we promise we will find a solution.