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Independent HR consultancy services

A trusted HR consultancy

Waddington Brown is an HR consultancy based in Ipswich trusted by a range of businesses to deliver strategic HR support and develop bespoke, practical, innovative solutions to get the best from their staff. Our independent consultancy services range from complex investigations and employee relations to policy reviews, from mergers to acquisitions and organisational restructures, with HR specialists in the public, private and charity sectors.

MediationHealthy collaboration leading to amicable resolutions

Resolve complex and potentially damaging conflicts with expert mediation which enables all parties to rebuild trust and restore a healthy working environment.

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HR Support ServicesDelivering comprehensive HR support services for any size business

Weโ€™ve been providing small, medium and large business with HR support services from complementing existing HR departments through to beginning processes and putting procedures in place.

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Internal CommunicationsPlacing a value on professional and consistent internal comms

Ensure a professional line of communication flows through your business from department to department, allowing better liaison and cohesion in all aspects.

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HR InvestigationsBring complex investigations to a swift and impartial conclusion

Determine the facts quickly and accurately with professional workplace investigations that ease complex situations and allegations to an end within a suitable timescale.

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OutplacementDoing the right thing by loyal staff in times of business uncertainty

Having to reduce staff is a necessary business challenge but ensuring you look after outgoing staff to further their career can support both outgoing and retained employees.

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Supporting with key HR decisions

Expert HR consultancy services

Our HR consultants support clients with key decisions such as salary and benefit benchmarking and HR and recruitment technology reviews. In the ever-changing legal landscape, our HR consultants will make sure you stay up to date with legislative changes as well as providing guidance on best practice for new policies. Our team can assist in a range of roles from creating or updating your company handbook to providing on-call support.

We cover the whole of the East of England, and can support clients and candidates with expert recruitment wherever you are based.
  • Essex
  • Suffolk
  • Norfolk
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Placed Candidate
    โ€œThanks to your dedication and expertise I have been offered and have accepted the position, and I am thrilled to embark on this new journey. I am deeply appreciative of the effort you put into finding opportunities that aligned perfectly with my skills and aspirations and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a dedicated team."
    Placed Candidate
    Energy Company
  • Recruitment client
    "Thanks to you, Eithne, and the team for an impeccable service which has supported and guided us to this wonderful conclusion."
    Recruitment client
  • Communications Manager
    "Nina provided invaluable support through all stages of the recruitment process. Her guidance enabled me to better understand the needs of the business ahead of my interview, which ultimately helped me to secure the role. Throughout the whole recruitment and onboarding period, Nina was a positive and reassuring professional, whose knowledge of internal communications was incredibly insightful."
    Communications Manager
    Maritime Organisation
  • Public Sector client for HR Consultancy
    "I really appreciate all the support that we have had from WB in respect of the investigations that have taken place recently, and I must say that the quality of the investigations carried out by the varied associates has to date, been very high and helped us immensely."
    Public Sector client for HR Consultancy

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