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Workplace Mediation

Workplace conflict in the UK costs businesses £38.5 billion a year. Only 0.8% of this cost is spent on workplace mediation, but it can help to calm stormy waters, restore relationships and get business back on track. Mediation promotes healthy communication and collaboration when two sides have opposing and irreconcilable views. Through this third-person negotiator, middle ground can be found which will help to diffuse the conflict and prevent it becoming divisive and detrimental to both parties.

Our expert mediators can support businesses in resolving conflict, allowing all parties to reestablish trust, restore harmony and revitalise creativity and innovation – leading to better business results.


A structured framework to work to

How does mediation in the workplace work?

Structured mediation is much more than a conversation. The framework helps to identify the real root causes of the dispute and develops opportunities for parties to create an acceptable outcome and agree, rather than impose, a solution. Through individual and joint meetings, our mediators support both parties to hear their views and complaints, facilitating open exchange, joint problem solving and action planning. This allows an agreement to be drawn up on which both parties sign off, providing a positive route for their future workplace relationship.

Having worked in challenging public and private sectors our team can help your business to create sustainable positive and engaging work environments. Call our friendly and professional team on 01473 359159 today.

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    “Thanks to your dedication and expertise I have been offered and have accepted the position, and I am thrilled to embark on this new journey. I am deeply appreciative of the effort you put into finding opportunities that aligned perfectly with my skills and aspirations and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a dedicated team."
    Placed Candidate
    Energy Company
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    "Thanks to you, Eithne, and the team for an impeccable service which has supported and guided us to this wonderful conclusion."
    Recruitment client
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    "Nina provided invaluable support through all stages of the recruitment process. Her guidance enabled me to better understand the needs of the business ahead of my interview, which ultimately helped me to secure the role. Throughout the whole recruitment and onboarding period, Nina was a positive and reassuring professional, whose knowledge of internal communications was incredibly insightful."
    Communications Manager
    Maritime Organisation
  • Public Sector client for HR Consultancy
    "I really appreciate all the support that we have had from WB in respect of the investigations that have taken place recently, and I must say that the quality of the investigations carried out by the varied associates has to date, been very high and helped us immensely."
    Public Sector client for HR Consultancy

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