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January 27, 2022

3 things we learned from Jo Wood’s menopause-awareness webinar

We couldn’t have asked for a better speaker for our webinar topic on How to Make Your Workplace More Menopause-Inclusive.

Jo Wood is a therapist and member of the British Menopause Society. She is also a Fellow of the CIPD and has spent 20 years building healthier workplaces.

You can watch the webinar by clicking this link – it’s 45-minutes of absolute information gold. 

These are just three little snippets from the session for you to think about:

** Menopause symptoms can last for 7 years – which is a REALLY long time to not make adjustments at work and at home. Hoping it’ll blow over quickly without any help won’t be doing anyone any favours.

** Consider all 3 factors at work: your Culture, your Policy Framework and your Environment to make meaningful change. Simply updating your policies isn’t going to create quality conversations.

**So many women don’t have the confidence to ask for the help they need. Many are leaving work rather than face those conversations. So for all employees (and especially managers) to be more aware of symptoms and be able to talk about it can be the difference someone needs to stay working in a job they love. It’s a two-way conversation. This has specific resonance with trans and non-binary employees who may be experiencing additional psychological issues as changes occur within their bodies.

Visit our training page to find out more about the workplace and online workshops Jo can run in your organisation.