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February 3, 2022

Hiring Managers – use every recruitment tool you can!

Interviews are a two-way conversation, and when we’re talking to organisations about recruitment, the message is really clear – use every tool available to you.

What does that unfilled vacancy cost you in loss of productivity and additional work for colleagues?

A tool like a psychometric profile that gives the candidate valuable feedback should be in every hiring manager’s toolkit. A good profiling tool will feel easy to interact with, rather than clunky and repetitive. It should be optimised for mobile for ease of private completion and it should make the candidate feel as if they experiencing a part of the brand they have applied to join.

With more than 1.1million vacancies in the UK, if you’re not moving quickly and decisively, the candidate you liked will have already been snapped up by another employer leaving you back at square one. And making sure the right opportunities for development are available for your employees means a greater chance of retaining talent and not losing them to a candidate-hungry competitor.

This is why we offer fast, effective psychometric profiling tools from SHL from only £195 + VAT. The OPQ (occupational personality questionnaire) has been trusted for decades to give predictive insights into the potential of existing employees and interview candidates.

• As a tool for reducing recruitment decision-making time, and therefore increasing the likelihood of candidate availability, the OPQ has become a powerful asset for forward-thinking recruitment teams.

• For talent development professionals, the OPQ gives you insight into employee behaviours so that you can set them on the path for internal career success and fulfilment.

Importantly, you do not need to be recruiting through Waddington Brown to access the suite of assessment tools. They can be used for roles in all industries and at varying levels.