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March 24, 2020
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March 20, 2020

The domino effect of getting HR recruitment right… (or wrong!)

The choices you make about HR recruitment are, arguably, the most important you’ll make for your whole organisation. The people who lead on how your workforce is recruited, onboarded, supported, developed and listened to have a huge influence over the culture of your entire organisation.

Setting the tone for the type of employer you want to be might be a decision for the boardroom table, but it’s HR that has the responsibility of turning it into a reality. The balance between management, support and discipline, pro-active business partnering and consistent high-quality HR administration can’t be understated.

Get your HR recruitment right, and you’ll create an environment people thrive in, where talent stays and attracts further talent. Get your HR hiring wrong, and you’ll have an organisation adrift with inconsistency, spiralling employee turnover and disengagement. The domino effect can go one way or the other, and it all starts with recruitment.

So, before you kick off the process to recruit your next HR lead or team member, think about the magnitude of the task and don’t waste the opportunity.

How can Waddington Brown help?

HR Audits

Before setting on the path to recruit a new permanent HR member, it is always worth considering alternative options. Are you hiring ‘just because’ when you could look at retained strategic HR support to use where and when it’s most needed? Do you have the right structure in place to use HR as effectively as possible? Is recruiting a permanent member of staff your only option?

Market Knowledge

Take some time to benchmark what great HR looks like – in your industry and in the companies whose cultures you admire. Don’t settle for the ‘best on the day’ applicants that come from placing open advertising. You need to make sure you are aspiring for best in the market.

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Recruiting Campaigns

Work in partnership with one of our experienced HR recruitment managers who have worked in this specialist area for over ten years. Once briefed, they provide a shortlist of pre-screened candidates, all selected against the priorities of the role. More importantly, candidates are also matched against the direction of travel and culture development needed by your organisation.

Personality Profiling

For senior appointments, we always recommend going further than interviews alone, through the use of psychometric profiling. Working with our specialist OPQ assessor, you will uncover the strengths and motivations of a potential HR leader, ensuring they bring the right mix to your senior team.

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Do not compromise when it comes to recruiting for HR, and don’t gamble with the hope that the best candidates will see your advert. With our wealth of knowledge about the best HR candidates in our region (many of whom aren’t actively looking but trust us to contact them about the right opportunity) we  can ensure you make the right appointment. Not just for today but to support your company as it changes over time.

Bring the right person in to lead HR and you will feel the difference in every part of your organisation, not just the HR team.