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March 24, 2020
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March 24, 2020

Sowing the seeds of great HR careers

There was a time when telling people I was a recruitment consultant felt uncomfortable. Let’s not kid ourselves, I’m working in an industry with a reputation for hard sales, poor communications and limited ethics. The experience of working with a recruiter can be one of having to hold your nose and put up with the necessary evil.

This place-‘em-at-any-cost, wheeling and dealing industry reputation is the absolute opposite of my personal values. So, why am I still here after 20 years?

Well, I realised pretty quickly that it’s the satisfaction I get from supporting individuals at the beginning of their career, securing those early roles that provide the support and development for those starting out in HR. Thinking back even to my pre-recruitment days, when I was working as a retail manager, finding the right path for an individual so that they can flourish has always been important to me.

Since specialising in HR recruitment (12 years and counting!), I’ve worked with hundreds of people who are taking the first steps on their HR career path. From raw graduates and college leavers through to experienced professionals who are looking to change careers, each person’s motivations and ambitions have been unique. It’s been my privilege to work with them to give them what I hope, is the right advice, guidance and support.

Now, this might not be the most financially rewarding area of recruitment but for me it is the most satisfying. I’ve been in contact with early placements for years now, watching them develop in their careers and seeing them now become hiring managers themselves.

“The personal approach I have experienced will guarantee a long-term relationship between us as both a job seeker and a recruiter”.

“Stephanie has been professional, honest & acted with true integrity…her confidence in me made such a difference”.

If you are relatively new to HR and want to be supported by a specialist recruiter who genuinely cares about your career and your development, then contact me through email, phone or via LinkedIn.

For HR hiring managers looking for rising stars to join their team, I’m here to help! Get in touch directly or join us at one of our networking events and let’s talk more.

Stephanie Harris, Talent Specialist