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June 11, 2024

Watch Again: Webinar on Setting Yourself Up for Recruitment Success

Whether you are job hunting, or are a hiring manager, spending time thinking about what you really want to achieve from the recruitment process is critical to making successful decisions.

In this excellent webinar, which features recruitment experts Linh Pook from Waddington Brown and Stephanie Capstick from MacKenzie King, we discuss the factors that can make all the difference in securing a new role, or hiring the ideal candidate.

Click on the image below or on this hyperlink to play the Webinar recording

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Four key takeaways from the webinar:

Your CV is a shop window: It doesn’t need to display everything, just the elements that are most relevant to the job you are applying for. As Linh says ‘it’s about ‘tickling the hiring manager’s fancy and wanting them to have that further conversation with you.’

The interview starts the minute you arrive in the car park: Savvy hiring managers will ask other people you met on the way into the interview room how you interacted with them so, while it can be tempted to have tunnel vision about your interview, remember you are on show well before the first question gets asked.

Hiring managers and candidates need to be really clear about what hybrid and flexible work actually means: Are there fixed days? Is it written in a contract, or managed informally? Don’t let ambiguity come back to haunt you.

Use recruiters cleverly! We are here to assess CVs honestly, ask questions about the details of a role that candidates might be nervous to, support with job descriptions or salary benchmarks on your behalf and help negotiations.


Plus Linh and Stephanie discuss the common CV pitfalls they see, the balance between technical and soft skills, how to address gaps on your CV and how to develop your CV to apply for a promotion – essentially, we packed a lot into an hour!

For HR Recruitment support, get in touch with Linh at linh.pook@waddingtonbrown.co.uk 

And for your contacts or colleagues in finance, you can contact Finance Recruitment specialist Stephanie Capstick at stephanie.capstick@mackenzie-king.com