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October 3, 2023

Watch Again – Burnout in HR Webinar

This was our busiest webinar of the year, with more registrations by a country mile than any other topic we’ve covered.

Watch again via our Vimeo Channel 

We were in conversation with Jo Wood – who has worked in senior HR roles for 20 years and is now a psychotherapist and Mental Health First Aid instructor, and we covered:

  • What professional burnout is, and how it differs from stress
  • Jo’s personal experience and recovery from burnout
  • Reasons why HR professionals in particular are experiencing professional burnout
  • What is preventing HR people from asking for help
  • How you can help yourself as an individual
  • How you can spot team burnout and ways to tackle it
  • How an organisation can view HR’s services differently, to help mitigate burnout

We provide team and individual support for HR professionals experiencing burnout. While we can’t call it supervision in the same way that therapists and mental health professionals access it, having an external support to work specifically with you, or your team, on managing burnout is a tool that many will benefit from.

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