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July 6, 2022

How to take control of those self-limiting beliefs

How often does the thought ‘I can’t do that…’ surface in your head?

Or ‘I’m not good enough…’

Or ‘I’m out of my depth…’

Or have you even found yourself self-sabotaging your opportunities – putting yourself down, declining invitations, disappearing from view? Your unconscious self-limiting beliefs showing themselves up in the actions you take.

Taking control over those self-limiting beliefs starts with understanding that you have them. In this webinar you will hear from coach Sheryl Childs and two HR professionals – Caitlin Jones and Stuart Thorburn – both of whom have used coaching to radically alter the way they think, work and believe in their abilities.

If you ask a successful business leaders what an essential part of their support network is, many will tell you it’s working with a great coach. We believe coaching should be part of your development, not something you are rewarded with once you are in a leadership position.

A coach provides an independent, confidential space with whom you can challenge yourself, discover and overcome the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back, set goals and hold you to account on your actions.

Click the image below to watch the webinar, pick up some of the tips our panel use and try out the ABC exercise for yourself.