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August 3, 2020

Essential viewing if you host Zoom meetings and webinars

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent more time on Zoom this year than you could have ever possibly predicted. And we’ve got quite good at it, yes? We’ve worked out that a comedy custom background isn’t always a great idea. And we almost never leave ourselves on mute when we’re trying to share some important information…

But have you spent any time really getting to grips with all the functions that Zoom has to offer? The tips and tricks that will take a webinar or meeting from meh to mega? No? Well fortunately Joe Glover from Cambridge-based The Marketing Meetup has – and he’s recorded this cracking video to share all the stuff he’s learned with you, too.

It’s an unapologetic half hour watch, so grab a cup of tea and make the time because we promise you, if you are hosting webinars and / or meetings via Zoom, you will pick up some really useful information and skills.

Joe Glover – the nicest man in marketing