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February 21, 2023

Mediation – getting workplace relationships back on track

In the UK, workplace conflicts costs £28.5 billion annually.  Only 0.8% of this cost is attributed to the costs of working with Mediation. So, the question is, why aren’t more workplaces making use of Mediation?

Maybe it’s because you’re not sure what it involves?

The aim of Mediation is to keep workplace conflict resolution informal. Yes, it provides structure, and yes you are working with an independent Mediator, but the ultimate aim is to work in safe, voluntary and respectful way to help parties resolve conflict or disputes.

Mediation promotes healthy communication and collaboration – getting relationships at work back on track, and is completed in a single day. Consider this against the time, effort and cost of managing a formal grievance and you can see how beneficial Mediation could be.

You feel you should be able to resolve the issue yourselves?

Well yes, that would be ideal. But relationships are complicated, and working with an independent Mediator who is there to remain objective, neutral and provide support for both parties helps diffuse conflict from becoming divisive or claims of bias being made.

Is it because you’re not sure what Mediation will give you as an outcome?

Structured Mediation is much more than a conversation. The framework helps identify real root causes of conflict and develops opportunities for parties to create win/win outcome and and agree, rather than impose, a solution.

Through individual and joint meetings, the Mediator supports both parties to hear their full story, facilitating open exchange, joint problem solving and action planning. An agreement both parties sign off is created, providing a positive route for their future workplace relationship.

Is it because you’re not sure who to work with?

Our workplace Mediator is a senior HR Leader with over 20 years’ experience. She has successfully delivered commercial people strategies in challenging public and private sectors. She has a passion for creating and sustaining positive and engaging work environments. She sees mediation as a cost effective way to resolve conflict – to allow parties to re-establish trust, restore harmony and revitalise creativity and innovation leading to better business results.

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