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April 12, 2022

Decisiveness demonstrates your culture when recruiting

It might because it’s the lead up to the April and May bank holiday disruption, but there’s been a definite surge in fast-paced decision making from companies recruiting for their HR teams through Waddington Brown.

We’ve noticed more than ever that hiring teams have organised their diaries to make themselves available quickly for candidates. They’ve planned ahead for any testing to make access swift and simple and, in some cases, opted for a single stage interview and presentation before making an offer. This is an interesting strategy which has worked well – the offer is clear and committed, showing the candidate they are wanted, and follow-up questions have been managed with a more informal conversation over coffee where the hiring manager and their newly-offered team member can begin to build their working relationship.

Although we specialise in recruiting for HR positions in Essex, Suffolk, Cambridge and Norfolk, the breadth and variety of oragnisations we support means it’s rare for hiring processes to be identical. The common ground for success though will always be showing the candidate that you value them and want them as part of your team. Companies can say this over and over, but if you don’t demonstrate it through answering  candidate questions quickly, committing time in your diary,  reducing the number of touch points and requirements a candidate has to complete etc, your actions are telling candidates a very different story.

It’s unlikely that you are frequently recruiting for HR roles, so one of the benefits of working with the Waddington Brown team is that we know the local market and can direct your hiring process to give you the best possible chance of success.

When every vacancy costs an organisation in reduced efficiency and additional team stress, and an HR vacancy in particular could be costing you in increased Employee Relations issues and even the ability to grow your business, speed is of the essence!